Garbage Truck

Street Superintendent


City Hall: (715) 284-2315
Street Shop: (715) 284-5612

The Black River Falls Street Department plows and maintains 29.86 miles of roadways in the community.


Garbage pickup is every week, recycling weeks are marked in red on the calendar.  Your recycling will be picked up the same day as your garbage.  For the safety of our garbage and recycling employees, garbage cans cannot be any larger than 32 gallon or weigh more than 50 pounds when full.  Ward 1 is picked up on Mondays, Ward 2 is picked up on Tuesdays, Ward 3 is picked up on Wednesdays, and Ward 4 is picked up on Thursdays.  Typically, if a holiday is observed on a Monday, then Ward 1 and Ward 2 will be picked up on Tuesday of that week.  If you are unsure what ward you live in, please contact City Hall to find out what day your pickup is.

Large Items / Construction Debris

You may take large items and construction debris to Modern Disposal behind the fairgrounds.

Please contact them for hours and fees 715-284-4300.

2021 Recycling Calendar


Street Projects

Subject to Change


South 8th Street from Main Street to Fillmore Street

North 4th Street from Van Buren to Madison Street

West Madison Street from North 4th Street to North 3rd Street

North 9th Street from Golf Road to Dead End

North 14th Street from Tyler Street to Harrison Street

3rd Street / Jefferson Street Culvert Repairs


Pierce Street from South 3rd Street to South 4th Street

Pierce Street from South 6th Street to South 10th Street


Rye Bluff Road from Tyler Street to City Limits


Tyler Street from 4th Street to 8th Street

North 11th from Street Monroe Street to Golf Road


South 5th Street from Pierce Street to Buchanan Street

Anne Drive & Pine Street

Washington Street from Hwy 12/27 to Elm Street

Buchanan Street South 6th Street to South 7th Street

South 6th Street Fillmore Street to Pierce Street