The City of Black River Falls welcomed an old face back to his former position. Dan Diehn was appointed as the new city attorney at the Common Council meeting, a position he held for 16 years previously.

Diehn is a BRF native and has been working as an attorney in the area since 1996.

“It’s nice to be able to serve your community in such a way where you really know the people,” Diehn said.

In 1999, he first became city attorney when it was an elected position, stepping down from the position in 2015 when he ran for a judgeship.

After his unfortunately unsuccessful run for judge, Diehn was ready for a chance to come back and serve the city again.

“It’s a really neat experience getting to be city attorney,” Diehn said. “You get to work with the decision-makers in the city.”

Diehn is also excited just to be able to serve his community and build those strong relationships again.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with the city council and the people of Black River Falls, so it just seemed like a natural fit to come back,” said Diehn.

Stephen Knoll / / Jackson County Chronicle


Notice to City of Black River Falls Residents

Spring Clean-up Days 2017

The City of Black River Falls will hold Spring clean-up days the week of Apr 10, 2017. Large items will be picked up on the day of your regular garbage collection that week.  Please have these items at the curb in such a manner that they can be picked up by the City’s loader.  Wood, metal and other material to be disposed of must be separated and stacked neatly or it will not be picked up.  Disposal of contractor materials is the responsibility of the property owner; the City will not pick them up.  Brush pickup will begin the week of Apr 24 and the week of the month thereafter.

Disposal of appliances and tires will be handled in the following manner: Appliances will be collected only during spring and fall clean-up days.  A $10.00 per appliance fee must be paid at City Hall prior to the appliance being collected.  The receipt must then be attached to the appliance placed at the curb.  These appliances include dishwashers, washers, dryers, water heaters, humidifiers and the like. Stuffed furniture including chairs, sofas, mattresses and box springs will also be subject to a $10.00 per item charge. ALL FEES MUST BE PAID AT CITY HALL PRIOR TO COLLECTION.  RECEIPT MUST BE ATTACHED TO ITEM TO BE PICKED UP.  Apartments with dumpsters are not included; these residents must pay the fee at City Hall and take the item to the dump.  Tires must be taken to the Transfer Station next to the City Shop at the Fairgrounds between 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM.  A $5.00 per tire fee must be paid at City Hall prior to disposal.  Waste oil can be taken to the City Shop and disposed of at no cost, at the location indicated by the sign on the building.

Due to waste disposal laws – the City cannot accept refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, TV’s, computer monitors or towers, DVD players & other video players, printers, fax machines or antifreeze.

Leaves will only be collected in the fall starting the 3rd week in October.

The last brush pickup will be the week of Oct 30, 2017 until April 2018.

Yard waste/grass clippings, garden waste & pumpkins may be taken to the City Shop.  Please remove the waste material from plastic bags.  There is a sign where the material should be placed.


WOOD           IRON                        GARBAGE                   GLASS              APPLIANCES

Boards            Metal Doors             Bags                             Doors                  Stoves

Cabinets         Swing Sets                Stuffed furniture      Jars                     Washers

Chairs             Engine Parts            Garbage Cans            Plates                  Dryers

Doors              Springs                      Toilets                        Windows

Bed Boards    Bicycles                     Sinks

Please remember to separate your recycling from garbage.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR ITEMS SEPARATE AT THE CURB.

Get the recycling calendar here.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Todd Gomer
Street Superintendent
City of Black River Falls


Two area businesses and a community organization were honored with awards at the Black River Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner Monday at Max’s Club 95 in Hixton.

Wood Sales & Service was named 2016 Business of the Year, K-9 Country Lodge received the Customer Service of the Year Award and Karner Blue Garden Club received the Service Organization Award. The winners were chosen by the Chamber Ambassadors group and by Chamber board members after a review of the nominations.

“We had an outstanding selection of nominees,” said Chris Hardie, Chamber executive director. “It’s always a difficult job choosing, but each of the recipients are certainly deserving of the award.”

Wood Sales & Service was started in 1968 by Victor Wood in his garage on Hwy. C. Victor sold and serviced Stihl chainsaws. Brothers Harvey and Jeff Wood grew up around the business that was just outside their back door. In 1975 — having outgrown the garage — the business relocated to its present location at the corner of Hwy. 54 and Hwy. C. Harvey and Jeff have been involved with the operation of the business since 1981, along with Harvey’s wife Diane.

Other nominees for the business of the year were Al Muth Harley Davidson, Black River Memorial Hospital, Cell.Plus/US Cellular Agent, Krohn Clinic, Northern Family Farms and Pine View Care Center.

K-9 receives this award for service that goes above and beyond for our four-legged friends. “It’s nice when you leave your pet and don’t have to worry one bit and can enjoy getting away,” one nomination said. “All the staff is courteous and I never doubt each and every one of their love for animals. I know my pet loves it there as well as he will run right through the door when we arrive and doesn’t even hesitate.”

Other nominees for Customer Service of the Year Award were Cell.Plus/US Cellular Agent, Ho-Chunk Gaming Black River Falls, JC Financial Partners, Kwik Trip and Scholze Ace Home Center.

The Karner Blue Garden Club was formed in 1995 with a strong desire to enhance the beauty of the Black River Falls area. Today the club – which has more than 40 members – contributes hundreds of hours each year to maintain some 50 flower beds and dozens of hanging baskets placed throughout the city. The club creates a display at the foot of Main and Water that changes seasonally.

Other nominees for the 2016 Service Organization Award are American Red Cross, Greater Black River Area Safety Council, Jackson in Action and the Republican Party of Jackson County.


Story from Jackson County Chronicle


March 1, 2017 ~  With kids now going to the Red Creek Elementary school, the Black River Falls school board found itself with some extra space at Gebhardt Elementary.

Friends Sharing Food, a local group that helps distribute food to those that need it, has found themselves in need of space and a centralized location.

It was this confluence of needs and haves that led to the school board allowing some empty space to be utilized by Friends Sharing Food.

“They’ve really done so much to help the school before and have been incredibly generous,” school superintendent Shelly Severson said.

Right now, there are some alternative education classes housed in Gebhardt, but a large portion of the building goes unused.

Severson said the space they will be using wouldn’t affect any of the current programs running at Gebhardt, the only issue would come up if the district suddenly saw a massive spike in enrollment and needed the space, but that is unlikely.

The building would need some updating to be able to accommodate the Friends Sharing Food operation, most notably an upgrade to the electrical system since most elementary schools don’t have large freezers and refrigerators for food storage that they would need.

Other than that upgrade, Friends Sharing Food would then only be responsible to pay for the utilities and the school board would allow them to use the space rent free.

“We were definitely willing to do whatever we could to help them, so long as it was a cost-neutral agreement for us,” Severson said.

The building itself will remain within the district’s ownership, the current agreement is just essentially a two-year lease for the organization.


Spring Election Tuesday, April 4, 2017


The Spring Election will be on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, and polls will be open at City Hall from 7:00am – 8:00pm.  Local offices on the ballot include: Eric Erickson for Ward 1 Alderperson, Desiree Gearing-Lancaster for Ward 3 Alderperson, and Pete Olson for Ward 4 Alderperson.  All three candidates are running unopposed.  Current City Alders not seeking re-election include Randy Eddy in Ward 1 and Curtis Redbird in Ward 2.  There will be no candidates on the ballot for the Second Ward Alderperson position so all write in votes will be counted.  Be sure to come out and vote April 4th !!


February 2, 2017 ~ After the recent tragedy at the Black River Falls Police Department, it seems there is now a cause for celebration within the department.

Summit Nutritionals, a New Jersey based company, has stepped up to help donate a new canine officer to the Black River Falls police department.

The company will partner with Jessifanny Canine Services, LLC, which operates out of Iron Ridge, Wis, who will provide the new dog and training.

Jessifanny had an established relationship with Summit Nutritionals and so they reached out to the founder, Dr. DePaco, after hearing about the loss of Kilo, the department’s former canine officer.

“I heard about the disaster in Black River Falls by other police officers so I reached out to the Chief,” said Jessie Smith of Jessifanny Canine Services. “Once I got the story, I called my point of contact at Summit and asked if we could help.”

Summit Nutritionals agreed to help out the BRF PD and donated a new dog and training to the department as part of their continuing tradition of helping around 30 police departments across the country in similar situations.

“We have implemented several strategies to combat [drug trafficking and sales] and they have worked,” the Chief said in a statement. “Having a canine unit will take us a step further in keeping Black River Falls a healthy, safe place to live and visit.”

Moving forward, Jessifanny Canine Services will help choose a dog with the department and then provide a four-week training course for both the handler and dog to get them properly certified.

As of now, a dog has not been selected. The BRF PD is excited to have a new dog in the works and is grateful for the support of not only Summit Nutritionals and Jessifanny Canine Services, but of the community as well.



Officer Jeremy James plays with Kilo, a female German shepherd who was recently euthanized.

By: Stephen Knoll / Jackson County Chronicle


Knowing Wisconsin weather, there was bound to be some last bits of winter weirdness to be thrown the County’s way.

After about a week of above-average temperatures, there was a sharp drop that brought along with it a lot of rain and snow.

Between the melting snow and rain in the middle of the week, the Black River became a flood concern and Jackson County was put under a flood warning.

Severe flooding was reported throughout the County including near the Melrose dock to the Black River and it was considerably noticeable in BRF at the dam.

By Friday morning, enough snow had been dumped on the county to shut down schools and delay girls basketball tournaments.

Written by Jackson County Chronicle